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Beat of Destiny

100 themes

GW themes community
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More than yesterday... More than anyone...
I want to shine - Beat of Destiny - by: Two-Mix

Welcome to beat_of_destiny, a community based on 30_kisses and inspired by iy_no_kakera. This place is theme based community made exclusively for fanworks of the ever the popular manga/anime series Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.

We have opened up the Claim Post again! Anyone who would like to claim a character, couple, or friendship please request it and one of the mods will get it for you.

This is an example of the correct way claim:

Username: [Your Username]
Character: Trowa Barton
Pairing: Quatre R. Winner x Relena Peacecraft
Friendship: Zechs Merquise and Treize Khushrenada

You can have up to three claims at once. But bare in mind, three claims means you're doing a hundred themes for each, so be careful!! Up to two people can have the same claim, and if you so choose, claim a character, a pairing, and a friendship // three pairings // two characters and a friendship, whatever. Claim whatever your heart desires. But remember, only three claims per person please. Thank you.

You can use up to 4 themes per fic/pic. ;D And you don't have to do them in order. Chaptered stories with a different theme(s) per chapter are welcome, as well as simple one-shots or drabbles.


In a nutshell, this is a community for making fanfics/fanart based on the provided themes. Simple, right?

Format for posting fics/art

Title: (insert your title here, if any.) - You are allowed to submit 'Untitled' stories, but I don't encourage it.
Theme + Number: (example: Theme #57 - Purple)
Warnings: (if any)
Rating: (G-NC-17, G for all ages, PG-13 for readers who're a bit older, R/NC-17 - for mature audience.)


Major Rules

1) Absolutely NO bashing/bastardizing of character, pairing, or anything. I don't give a rat's ass if you hate Relena Peacecraft more than the look of the hairy mole on your math teacher's forehead. Do NOT bring your hatred to this community. I will not hesitate to ban you if you cause any problems. By all means, hate as many characters as you want, but keep it out of my community.

2) No flaming the other members FOR ANY REASON. I will unleash the merciless bitch in me and ban you quicker than you can say 'It's a Gundam!' Saying something like: "I don't really like Dorothy, but this fic was well written, and I liked the part where... " is not considered a flame, but: "OMG, how could you make that bitch break up Heero and Trowa?? U SUCK!" is a flame, and I will ban you on FIRST OFFENSE. I mean it, because I believe everyone should have enough sense to grasp the concept of NOT FLAMING. There are PLENTY of websites you can flame people and bash characters, and this is NOT one of them.

3) NO spamming or advertising other communities/sites in posts here without my permission. Offenders will be banned on FIRST OFFENSE, because I mean it. I want a spam-free community! This is for people to come make and enjoy fanworks, not to promote other comms. Keep this from becoming one of those annoying heavily monitered communities by keeping your spam OUT. Of course, the option to e-mail myself for permission (sonkikyo [@] livejournal [dot] com) is available, but it's a huge possibility I'll say no, unless it's another theme community you'd like affiliated with this one.

4) Have fun, don't feel pressured. Completing 100 themes is much easier than it sounds!!


30_kisses (Multi-fandom)
30_lemons (Multi-fandom)
30_romances (Multi-fandom)
30_smiles (Multi-fandom)
50_themes (Multi-fandom)
55themes (Multi-fandom)
100_themes (Multi-fandom)
101_kisses (Multi-fandom)
150_comms (Multi-fandom)
7snogs (Multi-fandom)
1xr (HeeroxRelena comm)
endless_future (Gundam SEED)
hellsing_drops (Hellsing)
iy_no_kakera (InuYasha)
fated_children (Final Fantasy 8)
20_rings (Lord of the Rings)

And... that's all I've been able to spot so far. If you know of anymore, please let me know. (Via e-mail or the theme post.)

Mods: bobbissimo, abarero, and animethief92.